Neighborhood schools, shops, and professional buildings within walking and biking distance to planned homes give Crossprairie a small town feel while still offering urban accessibility and convenience.

Outdoor living, family, community all contribute to quality of life. Crossprairie is being thoughtfully designed with this in mind because living simply is easier with a master plan. Beautiful and natural surroundings along with pedestrian and cycling-friendly trails, all seamlessly connect the various housing communities, shopping areas, and new high school.


The Master Developer

BTI Partners is reshaping cities across Florida by master-planning vibrant mixed-use communities, building luxury residential projects, re-activating marinas, and revitalizing neighborhoods with highly amenitized commercial and residential developments.

Its successful track record has established BTI Partners as an industry leader in creating urban enclaves that attract and sustain local business and family life. By seamlessly integrating residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, entertainment, education, and recreational uses, BTI Partners designs highly desirable ‘live, work, play’ communities to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Looking to the future, BTI Partners remains ever mindful of evolving trends and continues to seek opportunities to develop transformational and inspirational mixed-use projects through-out the sunbelt states.

  • $3.6 Billion in Real Estate Transactions
  • 12,000 Acres Acquired or Controlled
  • 18,000 Units Sold or Developed
  • 5,000+ Units Under Construction