The community will offer a work/live/play environment for residents of all ages. Crossprairie will integrate Central Florida’s natural area to allow residents to feel the pulse of nature while being minutes away from major thoroughfares connecting to the bustle and hustle of the Greater Orlando area. Crossprairie will also be home to a high school with a strong curriculum to help attract parents looking for quality education for their kids. The school is planned to become one of the community’s best amenities.

Crossprairie will offer an array of amenities for residents including bike lanes, pedestrian trails and linear parks running the length of Cross Prairie Parkway, green spaces, nature preserves all linked by an extensive hiking and pedestrian trail system for residents and visitors to enjoy nature and a healthy lifestyle.

A new high school will offer a strong curriculum to help prepare students for the many job and career opportunities available in Central Florida’s top industries, including high technology, aviation and aerospace, biotechnology and logistics.